Autistic Me

With lived experience of Autism (and ADHD), I can offer a unique understanding of autistic clients’ needs.

Whilst no two people with autism are the same, each person is doing the best they can with the skills they currently posses.

Behaviours are a response to a pleasant or unpleasant internal experience and I work to understand this for each individual.  

Once there is acknowledgment of this, we can work to find a person’s motivation for change, as the motivation of others is rarely sufficient.

Many of those on the spectrum spend much of life thinking instead of taking action. In this state, it is hard to know what you may like and dislike and see the benefit of any particular task. By taking more action, what motivates you becomes apparent and this new found motivation can carry further change.

In addition, moving someone’s focus from the hurdles in their life to what is going well can have a positive impact on its own, before any hurdles are even reduced. This can increase enthusiasm and optimism, which in turn becomes a driver for further enhancement of quality of life.

I work with clients to acknowledge and focus on their strengths and to build upon their skills. I believe the word ‘disability’ should instead be interpreted as the world’s inability to accommodate all people, not a reflection on any one person’s ability.